Meet Beto the Burro! Brand mascot and spirit animal of Mexitreat, a premier Mexican candy and snacks subscription box company based in San Diego CA. Subscribers get to unbox a nostalgia and flavorful mix of sweet n’ spice and all things nice every time.
What's in the box! A plethora of sweet and magical tastes of México, that's what.
Key to Mexitreat's brand outreach and relevance is a robust and low-common denominator platform design in which the brands visual pillars are allowed to shine and are used in practical/functional applications.
UX/UI wireframe development for mobile and tablet platforms.
Designed to extend the brand's charm and its diverse brand applications, with a sprinkle of colors and inspired by legendary Mexican icons and culture.
Application of Mexitreat's signature brand ambassadors on a functional and practical surface that we encourage subscribers to keep.
Cute things have small beginnings. It's always a warm and fuzzy feeling to look back on the inceptions or creative sparks of every project, specially in their sketch or doodle form.


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