Brand identity for a pop-up restaurant and catering delivery-hub kitchen concept for on-the-go guests and frequent users of food delivery mobile apps like GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash and Postmates. The creative direction for Chickano Chicken is a humorous take on Mexican-American Chicano culture, complimented by visual and typographical cues.
A vibrant and hot color palette references to San Diego's Major league baseball team and gets the cravings going for warm food.
Online shop for Chickano Chicken. The effort to activate the brand and inspire loyalty from patrons and team members alike, an online presence with fun and memorable merchandise seemed the logical next step.
Chicko is part of the brand extension for Chickano Chicken. Designed to help activate the brand's merchandising and brand awareness.
Vinyl toy design concept for the Chickano Chicken brand. A reference to the illustrated logo and a stylistic and personal take to vinyl toy design trends.
Below are model renderings of Series 1 Chickanos in development. Kickstarter campaign is in the works. Check out more renderings here.


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